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Such High Hopes, Such Brave Endeavors



The Class of ’69 (above) always knew how to party hearty, and last night was no exception as they descended upon Social Hall to start their 40th Reunion festival.   This great class will stand forever at the pinnacle of Trinity’s defining era in the 20th Century.  Starting out with more than 300 members, they remain to this day Trinity’s largest class, and one of our most ardent groups of alumnae.   But ’69 is remarkable for more than size, of course.  These are women who led the revolution on so many fronts — education, politics, communication, law, medicine — they were “firsts” for women in many communities, and tireless advocates and volunteers for causes great and small.   They also are among the most faithful stewards of Trinity traditions.   They didn’t sing last night, but this photo of the ’69 Belles might just prompt a few to hum a few bars from “Deep in a Dream of You” or one of the other smoker sing favorites…


One of the great pleasures of Reunion is seeing alumnae reach across generations to forge new friendships.  The Classes of ’99 and ’39 shared a table at dinner last evening, and their common bonds in Trinity closed that 60 year gap.   The Class of ’44 was as energetic and thrilled to be in the room as ’54 and ’64.   Many of the shared stories across the years include remembrances of the great Sisters of Notre Dame whose influence shaped the lives of Trinity women across the generations.  In the photo below, Sister Ann Francis Hoey stands on the left while Sister Columba Mullaly is on the right, and in the center foreground is Sister Mary Patrick who was president in 1959.

59-nuns-large.jpg columba.jpg

Two of the qualities that Trinity women share in common across the generations is a relentless optimism in spite of many daily trials, and the kind of courage that makes for wise, pragmatic leadership in so many situations — whether the PTA or corporate board room, the family dinner table to parish council.  The tales that our alumnae bring back from real life every four years reveal that these are women who, in their own ways, live lives of great determination in their quest to make life a little better for their children, families and communities.


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