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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Predictions for the Class of 2009, Part I

- nocellphone.jpegOn my commencement day in 1974, we had no cell phones.   Imagine!  No Twitter to send second-by-second tweets of the pomp and circumstance — or the rain that sent us scurrying after the ceremony.   No spontaneous hugging photos wafting through…
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Lady Justice Is NOT Blind

- tfpt7099.JPGContinuing my previous thoughts about Justice Souter’s replacement on the Supreme Court, his colleague Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg took the unusual step this week of giving an extraordinary interview to USA Today in which she made it clear that the…
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Seeking Justice

- Let the Nomination Games begin, yet again.  Supreme Court Justice David Souter’s pending retirement has already triggered new volleys in the endless skirmishes of the modern culture wars.   Irony is having a field day in the opportunity for public mash-ups
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