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Memorial Day: More than White Shoes and Sand



Memorial Day triggers the start of the summer season, the time when it’s ok to wear white shoes, flip flops, no shoes at all, bare feet tracking sand all over the house.  This is a day when we dust off summer rituals and only-at-the-beach behaviors — sno cones and grill-burnt burgers, sunburns and boardwalk fries.

It’s all great fun — but not the reason why we observe Memorial Day.   While millions raced to the beach or other vacation spots on this weekend,  countless others put on their best suits and went to the cemetary to spend time remembering those who gave their lives for our freedom.

Take a few minutes today to remember the veterans, especially those who have sacrificed so much in Iraq and Afghanistan.   Nearly 5,000 American soldiers have died in those wars, and tens of thousands are wounded.   Today and every day, they deserve our thanks.

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