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Ideals that Never Swerve



Anna Ruppert McCarthy ’34 took center stage at last evening’s President’s Dinner for the classes that have passed their 50th Reunions.   Celebrating her 75th Reunion, accompanied by her son Shane, Anna regaled us with her memories of Trinity in the 1930’s.   Attending Trinity in the midst of the Great Depression was surely a feat, and the classes were not large in those days.  Like many of the great women of that era, Anna lived out the ideals of Trinity in her steadfast devotion to her faith, her friends and her family.

Celebrating their 70th Reunion, Kit Aldridge and Rita Kentz Maher of the Class of 1939 regaled us with tales of their Trinity escapades, their imaginary classmate who went with them on so many adventures, and the differences between life in 1939 and 2009.   Kit brought along her souvenier cane/folding chair from the 1939 New York Worlds’ Fair as a prop for their tales.  These great women have remained so faithful to Trinity all through the years, and even when life has taken them on journeys to far places, they never fail to return every five years to share their insights on their travels through long and beautiful lives.


The Ladies of ’44 are as delightful as any group of Trinity alums, and their close and continuous relationships all these years are so evident.   This 65th reunion class has been all over town this weekend, tireless and still curious about everything that’s going on.   Their zest for all things Trinity is such a great boost for everyone!


My classmates in ’74 shared dinner with the more senior classes last night so that I could have a bit of my own reunion while also hosting the traditional dinner for the post-50th classes.   As the evening progressed and our sister alums from ’54, ’49, ’44, ’39 and ’34 spoke, my classmates discovered the little secret that I’ve always known about our grandest senior alumnae — they are spectacular women!   Fascinating lives, showing great stamina and often courage in coming back for Reunion in their later years — some well into their ’90’s — and still eager to share life’s lessons with us.   I think my little ’74 group left the evening inspired — I sure did.  The Women of Trinity across the generations are amazing, the living witness to the importance and vitality of our mission here.

Yesterday was packed full of so many Reunion events — morning meetings, great luncheon, class photos and meetings, Alumnae Association meeting, and a beautiful Reunion Liturgy in Notre Dame Chapel during which the Class of 1959 received their Golden Jubilee medals.   After the President’s Reception, everyone was off to class parties while I hosted my class and the others in Social Hall.   Late that night, after saying goodbye to my guests, I peeked out into Seymour Court where the classes of 1999, 2004 and other more recent alums were partying well past my bedtime.   A few were dancing in the fishpond, a sure sign that some venerable secret traditions continue.

This morning, we lingered over the Reunion Farewell brunch, and at last said fond farewells with many pledges to catch up at alumnae events all over the country before the next year goes by.   Next year we will greet the ‘0’ and ‘5’ class years — already we’re looking forward to the moment!  For now, thanks to all the alumnae who came this weekend for reminding us of the countless ways in which Trinity Women live our “ideals that never swerve.”


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