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Ideals that Never Swerve

- 1934.jpg Anna Ruppert McCarthy ’34 took center stage at last evening’s President’s Dinner for the classes that have passed their 50th Reunions.   Celebrating her 75th Reunion, accompanied by her son Shane, Anna regaled us with her memories of Trinity in the…
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Such High Hopes, Such Brave Endeavors

- 69-caps-and-gowns.jpg The Class of ’69 (above) always knew how to party hearty, and last night was no exception as they descended upon Social Hall to start their 40th Reunion festival.   This great class will stand forever at the pinnacle of Trinity’s…
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Welcome Back, Welcome Home!

- 59-group-1.jpg (Above:  Group from Class of 59 Trinilogue) 35 years ago, the Class of ’74 made a mad dash away from the commencement lawn — we were not so blessed as the Class of 2009, the thunderclouds mounted and broke wide…
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An Extraordinary Ordinary Life

- 200px-sonio_sotomayor.jpg A thousand lives, ten thousand, more:  a child of poverty, growing up in the projects, racial minority, dad didn’t speak English, raised by mom alone after her father’s death when she was very young.  Her mother worked six days
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Mississippi Atonement

- Philadelphia, Mississippi — notorious in American history as the place where three civil rights workers were murdered in 1964 — made another kind of history last week.  In a moment fraught with overtones of atonement and breakthrough, this tiny town…
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Memorial Day: More than White Shoes and Sand

- waving-flag.gifumbrella.gif Memorial Day triggers the start of the summer season, the time when it’s ok to wear white shoes, flip flops, no shoes at all, bare feet tracking sand all over the house.  This is a day when we dust off…
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Badlands Survival Guide

- While debates continue to rage about closing Gitmo and selling Chryslers and the pitiful Nats and whether Kris stole the Idol from Adam, people continue to lie dead and wounded on the streets of the nation’s capital, indeed, in the…
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Torture Politics, Life Principles

- We live in an age where the real issues are so quickly and easily obscured by the flurry of scorecards keeping track of who’s winning and who’s losing.   We are compulsive gamblers laying down bets on the contests among powerful…
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Predictions for the Class of 2009: Part III

- cap03.gif In my previous two blogs, I have predicted that the Class of 2009 will enter a world in which the whole idea of the news media will be radically different from at present, that citizen activism will be more diffuse…
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Predictions for the Class of 2009: Part II

- Continuing reflections from my previous blog on the world that the Class of 2009 will encounter in decades to come… 3.  Demographic Change Driving Social and Political Renewal The Class of 2009 will remember their senior year as the moment…
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