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Guns 'n' Votes


Death toll from gun violence just in the last few days:

14 people dead in Binghamton, NY

3 police officers dead in Pittsburgh

5 people dead in a family murder/suicide in Washington State

8 people dead in a North Carolina nursing home

10 people dead in an Atlanta family multiple homicide

In the last month, more than 50 people in the United States have died as a result of a mass shooting.    The death toll is stunning.

Where are all the “pro-life” advocates when it comes to the death toll from guns?  They are silent, or worse, actively opposing gun control.

The active opposition of legislators to the most common sense regulation of gun ownership is scandalous evidence of the corruptive power of the gun lobby.

An Australian news outlet summed up the shame of America:

“The lack of political resolve to take action against the appalling level of gun violence in the US is what really makes Binghamton, and the slaughter yesterday of three policemen in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the great American tragedies they are.” (Read the full text of “Crocodile Tears, but no laws to curb guns”)
And, in the most cynical travesty of sustaining the local fiefdom yet, members of Congress have inextricably tied abolishment of all gun control laws in DC to a bill that would give the residents of DC a voting representative in Congress.

Is this largely symbolic vote in Congress worth the bloodshed and violence of eliminating all regulation of guns in our city?

If I had a vote, I’d vote no.  We must not trade votes for guns.

Fortunately, D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton today is speaking out against this travesty as well.

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