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100 Days Mania

- Quick — what have you done since January 20?   Passed comps?  Oil changed?  Rearranged the old sock drawer?  Got that article published?  Loaded up your new iPod?  Figured out Moodle? Defragged your hard drive? 100 days is not such a…
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300 Afghan Women

- While most of the Western Hemisphere has been debating whether Susan Boyle should get her eyebrows plucked, on the other side of the world 300 brave Afghan women risked their lives to march in protest against a shocking new law…
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Who Will Govern the Government?

- In his ruminations about The Republic Plato wondered about the tendency of the guardians of society to become corrupt themselves — “Who will police the police?” is the shorthand phrase we debated in Political Theory classes back in the day…
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Julia and Euphrasia's Excellent Adventure

- julia.jpg They lived in an age when “twittering” was something done by birds and silly girls, and only the parakeets could “tweet.”  They didn’t have cell phones, or even those old fashioned communications devices we once called telephones with cords attached…
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Remarkable Student Achievements

- An article in the New York Times on Sunday sets the stage perfectly for our annual roundup of student, faculty and alumnae achievements heading into the Commencement season.   The article described how the economic downturn is causing students at “elite”…
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Eggs, Chicks, and Easter Rising

- Easter was a very big deal in the McGuire household, back in the day when the local Woolworth’s actually sold live baby chicks in the store window.  PETA obviously didn’t know about that store in Ardmore where the chicks were…
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Guns 'n' Votes

- Death toll from gun violence just in the last few days: 14 people dead in Binghamton, NY 3 police officers dead in Pittsburgh 5 people dead in a family murder/suicide in Washington State…
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Congratulate or Condemn?

- 41816251.jpg With the nomination of Governor Kathleen Sebelius to be Secretary of Health and Human Services — her Senate hearings are occurring this week — I’ve been getting a new round of email and letters demanding that Trinity cease and desist…
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