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Rocky Mountain News, R.I.P.

- 20090227.jpg Another one bites the dust …  Denver’s Rocky Mountain News stopped publishing today, just 55 days short of its 150th anniversary.  This latest daily newspaper death echoes across the country at a time when even the New York Times
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Hatred Rising

- (See Intelligence Report of the Southern Poverty Law Center)coverir.jpg 54% — one more grim statistic this year.   But unlike other statistics grabbing headlines these days, this one is not about a stock market decline or rise in unemployment, though it…
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"Not Since FDR…"

- My friend Bert hated President Obama’s speech last night.   I am not surprised.   This morning’s Politico headline about the speech announced, “Conservative Words for a Liberal Agenda.”  My friend Bert is a proud conservative who has a deep antipathy toward…
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Liveblogging the President's Speech

- 3000 miles away, I’m taking an hour between meetings in California to watch President Obama’s speech on the economy.  Not an “official” State of the Union address, nevertheless it has all the trappings with a full house of Congresspeople and…
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Presidential Math: Words = $$$

- President Obama is about to give a speech in which the worth of the words may well be calculated for days to come.   Tonight, before a joint session of Congress, the president will address the global economic crisis and his…
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Dinosaurs of Newsprint

- The Philadelphia Inquirer has filed for bankruptcy.  The newspaper I grew up with (along with The Evening Bulletin, which disappeared years ago) will continue to publish the morning news, as well as its sibling paper The Philadelphia Daily News.  …
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Stimulus for Students

- Amid all the talk of bank bailouts and billion dollar deals for automakers, why should the average student consumer pay any attention to the new federal stimulus package?  Isn’t that just for big companies that miscalculated their risky investments?…
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Holocaust Denial, Vatican Dilemma

- pope-5.jpg What was Benedict thinking?   That’s the question on many Catholic minds these days as the Catholic Church grapples with yet another PR mess.…
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(More Than) One Toke Over The Line

- (Apologies to Brewer & Shipley who wrote the song… “One Toke Over the Line”) The news is full of People Who Should Know Better Behaving Badly…. There’s that photo of Michael Phelps and the bong.  Really, what was…
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