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Winter Migrations




Today, the Sunday after New Year’s Day, people are flocking back to their nests…. just like the migratory birds that pass overhead in the winter months.   Permit me a few more minutes of peaceful contemplation of the glories of nature…. this time, a Saturday evening respite at the Blackwater Wildlife Refuge on the Eastern Shore.   The Snow Geese were abundant, along with the Canada Geese we loathe when they congregate on our soccer field, but in their natural habitat they can be beautiful.   For a real treat, take the two hour drive to Blackwater on a winter afternoon, get their by 3 pm or so, and wander the trails until sunset.   You can drive through some of the refuge as well as hike, and the public roads around the refuge also have spectacular views.

Back to work tomorrow, but for now, enjoy these visuals:







Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge Information

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