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Should You Skip Your Impeachment Trial?


Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich skipped his impeachment trial today in favor of “The View.”

Doesn’t seem like a good career move, unless he thinks that Whoopi will give him a cameo in her next comedy.  Barbara Walters knows a valuable showbiz property when she sees one!

Really now, after all of the solemnity, elegance and eloquence of the inauguration of Barack Obama, and with the news of 68,000 job losses today nationally at major corporations, a little comic relief from the Blago Show lightens the mood.   I mean, what serious politician, caught on tape trying to get @#$@#!?!! rich from selling the Senate seat vacated by the newly elected president, wouldn’t take the opportunity to plead his case to people who watch television after 9 am each day, rather than sticking with his appointment with those darn serious stuffed shirts in the Illinois State Senate? 

His lawyer skipped town, too, just to get away from him.

Blago says his rights are being violated, that he’s a persecuted martyr on the order of Ghandi, Mandela and Martin Luther King, Jr.

It’s all funny until the people get hurt.   What if the Illinois Senate doesn’t convict him?  What if Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald never gets the corruption case to trial?   We can have a good laugh at a public man with a reality problem, but let’s hope that the last laugh isn’t on the rest of us.

Blago is a disgrace to the whole idea of public service; too bad the media only see ratings opportunities in showcasing his particularly venal brand of self-delusion.

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