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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Celebrating Community Organizers

- Why is Trinity throwing a party for “community organizers” as our official observance of the 2009 presidential inauguration? President-elect Barack Obama started his professional career after college as a community organizer in Chicago.   During the election season, some people
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Goodbye Gitmo

- Reports from the Obama camp indicate that one of his first acts as president will be new executive orders to close the military prison at Guantanamo Bay and definitively put an end to the use of torture as an acceptable…
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Inauguration Couture

- I went shopping for my Inauguration wardrobe last night.   No, not at Nieman’s.  I headed right to Outdoor World.   Let’s face it:  the government has done nothing but issue the direst dire warnings about the ugly, barely-survivable conditions likely to…
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Electoral College v. BCS!

- football.gifgavel.gif This just in…. the Electoral College voted today to make Barack Obama the 44th President of the United States! What’s that, you say?  Is this really news?   Well, yes!   Don’t be fooled by all the celebrations and festivities since November…
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The Biggest Benefactor

- Imagine getting a gift of $250 Billion — that’s right, Billion — to fund scholarships for students.   Imagine making it possible for 54 million students to attend college. Claiborne Pell was such a benefactor, for Trinity students and…
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Winter Migrations

- snow-geese-flocking.jpg snow-geese-in-flight.jpg Today, the Sunday after New Year’s Day, people are flocking back to their nests…. just like the migratory birds that pass overhead in the winter months.   Permit me a few more minutes of peaceful contemplation of the glories of nature….…
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2009: Spring is Coming!

- The itch starts sometime in November, and by New Year’s Day it’s a full-blown rash.   The only way I can scratch this itch is to head for the water….    My itch is for those languid summer days paddling around lovely…
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