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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Roses for Lilly, Raises for the Rest

- 3237286114_a9737c13f6_m.jpg (Photo from the Emily’s List photostream on Flickr) Years from now, on that bright future day when women actually earn equal pay for equal work, may they remember Lilly Ledbetter.  Today, Lilly stood beside the President of the United
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Weather Wimps?

- dcglass_s.gif Is the honeymoon over?  So soon?  Today, Washingtonians got hit with a cold blast from a most unexpected source:  President Obama!   Observing that his daughters did not have to go to school today because Sidwell Friends closed as a…
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Office Do-Over

- 69154_pe183899_s2.jpg0071-0809-1111-4653_tn.jpg Do-overs are all the rage.  President Obama and Chief Justice Roberts did it with the presidential oath of office.  Yo-Yo Ma and Ishtak Perlman did it, in a backwards way, by string-syncing their inauguration performance to their pre-recorded tape.  John
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Should You Skip Your Impeachment Trial?

- Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich skipped his impeachment trial today in favor of “The View.” Doesn’t seem like a good career move, unless he thinks that Whoopi will give him a cameo in her next comedy.  Barbara Walters knows a valuable…
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Getting Down to Business

- So over… the party, and all that.    2 million people have gone home.   Toes are warm again.  Ball gowns gone to the cleaners, souvenier buttons languishing on the dresser, falling into the cracks and drawers where they’ll delight and surprise…
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Pro-Life, Pro-Justice, Pro-Freedom

- ||32219227@N07||PROLIFE|| What a week in Washington!  What a week on Trinity’s campus!  No sooner had we said goodbye to our National Guard campout friends and put away our inaugural boots and ballgowns than we were greeting bishops, cardinals and hundreds…
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Choosing Our Better History

- presidential-wave-large.jpg One of my favorite commentators on leadership, the late John Gardner who founded Common Cause, wrote in his essay No Easy Victories that “Most of all, we need leaders to give us hope…the first and last task of a leader…
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President Obama: A New Era of Responsibility

- oath-wave.jpg How fitting that nearly 2 million people got up in the middle of the night, put on their best walking shoes and many layers of clothing, then trudged purposefully off to convene the largest citizenship convention the world has ever…
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Trinity's Inauguration Moments

- ng-trinity-5-small.jpg What a difference a generation makes!   Back in the day, in 1973 when I was a Trinity junior, my friends and I had a blast at Nixon’s second inauguration — at the demonstrations, that is.  It was the middle of…
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Getting Out Alive

- Who among us didn’t look at those people standing on the wings of a U.S. Airways jet, ankle-deep in the frigid waters of the Hudson River, and think, “AAAaaaaarrrrggghhhh!!” 44536788.jpg My feet are numb just looking at the photograph.   Those of…
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