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Voices of Trinity: Electing President Obama



All day long messages about Barack Obama’s election as 44th President of the United States have filled my emailbox as well as the large message board in the Well.   I will be posting your comments all week here, so please send me your thoughts in an email to   We will have a post-election campus-wide conversation on Thursday, November 6 at 4 pm in Social Hall, All Welcome!

Here are some of the first batch of messages I’ve received (and photos of some of the handwritten comments in the Well):

Niketa Myers, a student, writes:

“I am honestly thrilled to see this momentum happen. When your a child everyone always ask you what you want to be when you grow up and many would say police officer, teacher, doctor, etc. But when you hear a African American state that they want to the President of the United States you simply say “baby you can be anything you want to be” but in the back of your mind you know that it would be an impossible task to accomplish, until last night when they announced that Barack Obama the first African American male to be elected as President. This is truly a historic event. No longer can people say that they can’t do something because as we all saw last night the racial standards were clearly challenged and HISTORY was made for all minorities.


Courtney Walker, also a student, sent this message:

“This is the best feeling in the world. I feel honored to be black. I know now that the hard times the past heros have done to pave the way for Obama has come to past. Tears of joy and hope ran down my face as I saw that he had won and as the numbers kept raising it was set that he had moved millions of people and he has more work to be done. I’ll be at the swearing-in and support him for the next 4 wonderful years we have.”

Vivian Wilds, a member of our Academic Services staff, commented:

“First, I must say that I’m so happy and thrilled over this accomplishment! This election of Barack Obama demonstrates the strength and courage of our society.  It proves that we are people of change and we can judge a man by the content of character, not just by the color of his skin.  I believed in Obama from day one that he was the man for the times, and that this country needed a new path for progress.  I’m sure the change will bring about a better future for the USA and the world.”


Student Beverly Summerson sent this very moving comment:

“My son, a 27 year old Black American, voted for the first time and stood proudly while casting his vote for a man to lead this country whose visual image and humble beginnings represented his own.  President elect Barack Obama never could have made it without You.”


Dr. Deonne Minto of the English faculty shared this:

“I am exhausted, after watching the returns and almost every political commentary on almost every news channel while grading papers and preparing lesson plans.  But the exhaustion is strangely exhilarating.  I recognize John McCain for offering one of the classiest and most unifying concessions I have ever seen, and I am in awe of our President-Elect for leading a movement that has become the change we have been seeking.  As one of the many people who invested in Obama’s grassroots/bottom-up campaign, I truly feel that this was an election that I and others owned and helped to bring home.  I will not go so far as to say, in the words of one commentator, that the election results mean that America is “post-racial”.  But what I will say proudly is that this moment, our moment, America’s moment, the world’s moment proves to me that we are feeling what it is like to be on the right side of history and renews my faith in the Biblical assertion that “all things are possible.”


 SPS Student Christina Burch writes:

“As a mother, full-time employee and and full-time Trinity student, my inspiration has always come from those before me that never had the opportunities I have received, those that believe in and look up to me and even those that doubt my abilities. And like myself, Barack Obama has worked hard to overcome obstacles, to make his family proud and to even prove adversaries wrong by becoming a law school graduate, president of the Harvard Law Review, Senator and now 44th President of the United States of America! Because he stands for unity, change and opportunity is why I let my 7 year old ‘complete the arrow’ for my vote yesterday evening and stressed to her that anything is possible with faith and hard work. 

“Both Barack and Michelle are inspirations to many and this historic accomplishment proves that no matter where you come from, what color you are, how much money you make or who you know, you can become anything you dream of if you remain grounded, work hard and keep your faith strong. Barack stands for change in a time where change, understanding, patience and love is needed more than money and political affiliations. For the sake of our children and our children’s children, we have taken a step in the right direction by electing someone that is more than capable of uniting this country, now lets take it a step further and help make his campaign slogan a way of life. As it was yelled last night from Grant Park to U Street to the front gates of the White House…… Yes We Can!!”

Many more messages are coming… watch this space for new postings tomorrow, and if you’d like to be part of the messages posted on this blog, just send me your comments at and I will post them in the next few days…

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