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Students STAND for Darfur


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I recently received two messages from Trinity students who are showing great leadership in organizing Trinitys participation in the STAND movement to raise awareness and advocacy for the genocide in Darfur.   Tega Okah, Ijeoma Arize and Brigid Otieno participated in an event on the Mall last weekend, and this is their account:

“We are the members of the Trinity DC STAND chapter. STAND is the student led division of the anti-genocide coalition. We just wanted to share with you what an amazing weekend we had. We attended an event called tents for hope at the national mall on Saturday and Sunday where we were able to join other student activists and say no this genocide in Darfur. It was truly motivational experience for most of us. We were also lucky to meet some Darfurians who have been able to escape the atrocity and are using their voices to speak strongly about the importance and urgency of the situation….”

In a second message, Tega continues…

“It was a very enriching experience for us to be able to interact with other youth leaders who are coming together to stop this genocide. It is truly amazing that our generation has been very active in championing some of the fascinating experiences of our time, from the overwhelming support we showed President-elect Obama  to our interest in environmental issues as shown in Power Shift. Now we are trying to channel that level of enthusiasm to the fight to end the genocide. We want to use this opportunity to remind and channel the Trinity family that we have a responsibility to protect. After the genocides in Germany, Armenia and Rwanda, countries of the world including the United States signed a treaty that we will never let this happen again. Unfortunately, it is happening again in Darfur. We have a call-a-thon coming up as well as the Darfur fast on December 3rd. It is our desire that all Trinity joins us in this fight and choose to not STAND by but STAND up.”

Congratulations to Tega, Ijeoma and Brigid for your leadership in this important cause!

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