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Voices of Trinity: Electing President Obama

- obama-3.jpg All day long messages about Barack Obama’s election as 44th President of the United States have filled my emailbox as well as the large message board in the Well.   I will be posting your comments all week here, so please…
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President Obama

- 558215401_893e548f67.jpg America has spoken.  Barack Obama will take the oath of office as 44th President of the United States on January 20, 2009.   This is one of those rare days where We The People will remember where we were and what…
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Democracy is a Beautiful Thing

- voting-1.jpg I’ve never seen anything like it in 30 years of voting in Hyattsville — when I arrived at the Hyattsville Middle School polling place at 6:15 AM this morning,  the line was already well out the door and halfway down…
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What If…Your Guy Loses??

- electoral-map.gif So, what if he loses? Who?  John McCain?  Barack Obama? Depending on your point of view, the thought of loss right now is either joyful or terrifying, vindicating or victimizing.…
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