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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Murder in Mumbai

- Terror took no holiday last week as gunmen sprayed mayhem and murder across Mumbai, India, killing more than 180 people at last report and wounding hundreds more.   Luxury hotels, restaurants, a Jewish community center, the main train station, and…
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A Recession Thanksgiving

- eat_fish.gifMaybe you think that “thanksgiving” as in “giving thanks” is not something you’ll do this year.   I mean, really, what with the government having to bailout all the banks and foreclosures running amok and those Detroit guys flying their private…
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Remembering JFK

- john_f_kennedy.jpg (Image from 45 years ago today, November 22, Lee Harvey Oswald shot President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas.   Countless newspaper articles, magazine essays, books, films and official reports restate the basic facts of the assassination and…
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Students STAND for Darfur

- ||32219227@N07||TRINITY STAND|| I recently received two messages from Trinity students who are showing great leadership in organizing Trinitys participation in the STAND movement to raise awareness and advocacy for the genocide in Darfur.   Tega Okah, Ijeoma Arize and Brigid Otieno…
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Back to the Gender Gap

- Ok, here’s The List: 1. Norway 2. Finland 3. Sweden 4. Iceland 5. New Zealand 6. Philippines 7. Denmark 8. Ireland 9. Netherlands 10. Latvia 11. Germany 12. Sri Lanka 13. United Kingdom 14. Switzerland 15. France 16. Lesotho 17.…
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What's Next? Agenda for Action

- One week after the historic election of Barack Obama, what’s next?   With our notoriously short attention spans and famous proclivity to savage leadership figures before they’ve even changed their business cards, will Americans give the new president a chance to…
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Voices of Trinity: Obama Election Part V

- A few additional comments from members of the Trinity community offering observations on last week’s election. View some video comments on the election by clicking on this link: more-election-comments.AVI Dr. Diane Forbes-Berthoud of the Communication Program urges everyone in the…
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Voices of Trinity: Obama Election Part IV

- Kathryn Loussaint adds her voice to the commentary: “This election is not just a victory for the African American community but for all Americans as a whole. A new sense of hope and possibilities comes from this election. As a…
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Voices of Trinity: Obama Election Part III

- card-8.jpg Comments continue to pour in concerning the election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States.  More:Angela Steele, Graduate Student in the School of Education:…
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Voices of Trinity: Obama Election Part II

- Here are more student comments from the Trinity community about the election of Barack Obama as president of the United States: Elizabeth Cook writes: “I do not believe I realized the impact of this historical moment until I found myself…
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