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Trinity Students on the Campaign Trail!



(Trinity students Sydney Cross, Tarje Davis, Brittany Everett, Molly Palmer, Anastasia Adams campaign in Ohio.)

Sydney Cross wrote me a note about the experience that she and four other Trinity students had recently when they campaigned in Ohio with the College Democrats.  In Sydney’s words:

“Imagine 250 college students waking up at 6:30 am to campaign for their future. Last weekend the Trinity College Democrats along with George Washington, Georgetown, American, and Catholic Universities invaded Columbus, OH to campaign for congressional candidate Mary Jo Kilroy and Presidential candidate Barack Obama in the area around The Ohio State University.  During our campaign invasion the 250 students knocked on 25,000 doors making this one of the largest and most productive campaign invasions in the history of College Democrats of America!

“The five Trinity student that came along collectively knocked on around 1,500 doors persuading voters to send in their early voting ballots and, to vote for the democratic candidates.  We also did visibility in downtown Columbus in front NBC 4, on the street corner, and in front of the Ohio Republican Party to show that we are fired up and ready to go! 

“On Monday, we signed up absentee voters at Ohio State University and, directed voters who had the time to the shuttle would take them to the in person early voting location.  We also used sidewalk chalk to direct students to the OSU team obama website. In the weekends coming up the College Dems will be canvassing in Virginia up until election. The hope that their will be change brought to Washington kept us going all weekend despite widespread sleep deprivation. The motto that we lived by last weekend was knocking on doors, sleeping on floors, all for change!”

Thanks, Sydney and sister students!

What are YOU doing in this campaign?  Send me your photos and short essays and I will post them on this blog.  Send to   All candidates, all parties welcome.   Tell us about the change that Trinity Students are making in our world!


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