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Remembering Tanya and Marga


Two exceptional Trinity Women were laid to rest yesterday.   Family, classmates, friends gathered in Washington and Massachusetts to mourn Tanya Tenille Young, a student, and Marga McNally Rosenbaum, an alumna, both gone too young after long struggles with devastating illnesses.   Separated by decades, hundreds of miles and worlds of difference, Tanya and Marga shared the values that join all of us in Trinity — a thirst for learning, intellectual strength, high integrity, commitment to serving this world in the best ways possible.

Tanya Tenille Young, a Criminal Justice major, was a student in the College of Arts and Sciences.  A few years older than most CAS students, she was a hard worker and eager student who persisted in her studies in spite of a grueling schedule for medical treatment.  One faculty member writes of her, “I was so impressed by the efforts she made [in my class] ….When she was able to be in class, her comments were informed, thoughtful and stimulating.”  Another comments, “She was a gifted writer, an intelligent thinker, and a genuinely kindhearted person.”  And still another faculty member writes, “I will certainly miss her brilliance and wit in my class.  I always enjoyed reading her papers… She was an asset in class, often adding to whatever I had to say in useful and insightful ways.”

A student writes, “Tanya will be missed at Trinity… She was a criminal justice major just as I am and always voiced her opinion no matter what.  She contributed so much to my overall learning experience in our criminal justice classes.  Tanya was a great person. She was kind and loving. I remember this one time I was hungry and she ordered me food.  I needed a book and she let me borrow hers. On so many occasions, Tanya was there for me…”

Clearly, Tanya touched many lives here and we will remember her fondly.  We extend Trinity’s deep condolences to her family and friends.

I also remember Marga McNally Rosenbaum, Class of 1973, with great affection.  She was one year ahead of me at Trinity, and we became good friends.   She was simply brilliant.  As a student leader, she led the way for a policy change that students today will recognize as a great benefit:  getting the right to have male visitors in our rooms in the residence halls, known as “parietals” back in the day.   That was far from an easy discussion in the early 1970’s!   But beyond the actual details of the policy itself, Marga emerged as a skilled diplomat, gifted advocate and shrewd political thinker in discussions that involved students, faculty, trustees, alumnae and many constituencies.

An even greater legacy to Trinity are the large classes that Marga recruited when she became Director of Admissions during the very challenging days of the late 1970’s.  Trinity’s enrollment was in great decline earlier in that decade as the coeducation wave opened opportunities for women at Georgetown, GWU and Catholic University.   Marga tackled the challenge with her customary brilliance and remarkable persuasion, and soon Trinity’s entering class sizes soared.   The Alumnae Association recognized her great work with the Alumnae Achievement Award.

After leaving Trinity, Marga married Jack Rosenbaum and moved to NBC, working her way through the executive ranks, eventually moving to London to be the head of CNBC in Europe in its early days.

Sadly, a long illness claimed Marga’s bright star, but she leaves so many achievements and fond memories.  She also leaves her Trinity sister Maura McNally Ambrosino ’80, who also served as our Director of Admissions a decade after Marga, as well as a great family and many friends.  We extend Trinity’s deep sympathy to Marga’s family.

Please remember Tanya and Marga in your thoughts and prayers.

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