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One Week To Go


This time next week — November 4, 2008 — millions of Americans will be heading to the polls to choose a new president.   Seems like we’ve been anticipating this moment for the better part of the last four years.   This presidential campaign season has consumed enormous bandwith in the public’s attention span and creative imagination.   Citizens of every political stripe express fervent hope that, this time around, things will be very different —- that change will truly occur, whatever that change may be.

If you are still among the millions of undecided voters, get thee to an Internet nook where you can read about the candidates and make an informed decision!   The New York Times Week in Review last Sunday devoted the entire section to an excellent analysis of the positions of the candidates on various issues.    Or, visit the League of Women Voters website for a lot of great information on the candidates and voting.   The Washington Post also has an entire website section devoted to campaign information.

Vote for the candidate of your choice — but vote!

Here at Trinity, November 4 is a regular class and work day, but we will observe ‘liberal leave’ (or ‘moderate leave’ or ‘conservative leave’ if you are concerned about the label!) for faculty, staff and students who are voting, working at the polls or otherwise exercising the rights and privileges of citizenship on election day.   Social Hall will be “Election Central” all day, so stop by to watch the news on television and participate in discussions of the events.   We’ll have campus-wide conversations on Wednesday to debrief the election and continue the learning process….

Keep an eye on our website.   More information about Trinity’s participation in citizenship activities will appear daily.

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