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The Mirror Campaign

- 539w.jpg Sarah Palin did as credible a job as any man who ever gave an acceptance speech at a national political convention.  So, there!  For all those who were breathlessly awaiting some pratfall by the “woman candidate” — too bad!  She
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Nobody's Business, Everybody's Concern

- Nobody’s business:  The medical condition of a 17 year-old woman is between her and her doctor and family.  Whether a pregnant teenager and the man who cooperated in that event should get married is a matter between them, their parents…
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Summer's End

- ||29810553@N02||nanjemoy|| Labor Day Weekend…the end of summer… not just a random calendar choice, but a primal shift in seasons… Spending a day on Nanjemoy Creek in southern Maryland, the signs of the changing seasons abound……
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