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What a Classy Class!



The Class of 2012 has been on campus for just one week and already they are exhibiting a style and grace — a sense of class — that sets a high standard for the upcoming academic year.  I have been so impressed with their eagerness to learn, to participate, to engage, to step up and to stand out.  These qualities bode well for the future success of the members of the Class of 2012 as they join the long and proud line of Trinity Women across the generations.

Many of our new students will also be joining other classes as transfer students in the College of Arts and Sciences.  Like the new freshwomen, our new transfer students are eager to embrace Trinity’s traditions of women’s leadership, academic excellence, sisterhood across the years.

We look forward to getting to know all of Trinity’s new students in the days to come.  Watch this space for more news of the latest generation of Trinity students!

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