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Adirondack Chronicles, Part XIV



One of my favorite Adirondack traditions — right up there with paddling around Long Lake! — is the annual Trinity alumnae luncheon at the Lake George Club.  Thanks to our wonderful hostess Barbara Rourke, and organizer extraordinaire Ginger Ryan (who is also a member of the Alumnae Board), we enjoyed cool breezes, delicious food and remarkable conversation at today’s gathering.   We talked about religion and politics, Trinity and families.  What did we say, exactly?  Well, to borrow a phrase, “What gets said at Lake George…. stays at Lake George.”  Let’s just say that the Trinity Women at the lake are as interesting, intellectual, and insightful as any group of Trinity Women anywhere!! And to a woman, each was eager to be sure that Trinity continues to thrive.

barbara-small.jpg ginger-small.jpg

Thanks to Barbara (left, center), Ginger (right, on the right) and all of my friends who helped me to remember that I can’t stay in the woods forever!


But I do love the woods, and lakes and streams.  Yesterday, perhaps knowing I’d have a gabfest today, I spent a long day quietly floating on the Raquette River where it’s very narrow and winding in oxbows…. eventually ending at an impassable spot called Raquette Falls (above) deep in the High Peaks wilderness.  The day was perfect.  Many other kayakers and canoe parties passed by, but I just lolled along communing with the ducks and turtles.


High summer has arrived in the Adirondacks.  Fishermen and boy scouts pass by in droves, and I’m happy to see more and more girls and women paddling their own boats up here as well!  The summer season is short — especially for those of us for whom the busy schedule will resume all too soon.  But even a few short days on the water, in the woods, on the deck with good friends is a great delight.


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