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- Quick:  what does One Billion look like?dollar.gif 1,000,000,000 One Billion What?  Seconds? 1,000,000,000 seconds = 16,666,666 minutes = 277,777 hours = 11,574 days = 31.7 years…
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Seige of the Hood

- Six people were shot near North Capitol Street last night “near a section of the District that the police have described as volatile,” according to the Washington Post — buried back on B04 in today’s paper.  You have to hunt…
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The Lords of the Op-Ed Pages

- Welcome to my world, Senator John McCain!  The fact that the New York Times has rejected your Op-Ed submission endears you to thousands of earnest opinion writers like me who have files full of pink slips.  Rather than bemoaning the…
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Second Acts

- In the last few days: Whitey Ford pitched a ball again at Yankee Stadium.  Yogi Berra ambled across the infield.  Reggie Jackson crossed home plate.  “The House that Ruth Built” rocked for fifteen innings. Greg Norman leads the British Open.…
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Reader Comments on "Satire or Sicko?"

- Here’s a sample of opinions I’ve received on the controversy surrounding the cover of The New Yorker magazine satirizing insidious stereotypes of the Obamas: Tamsyn Mihalus writes: “The New Yorker cover reminds me of the controversy surrounding the airing of…
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Satire or Sicko?

- Controversy is erupting over the cover of this week’s New Yorker magazine which is a cartoon depicting Barack Obama in Muslim garb while fist-bumping Michelle Obama wearing camouflage and weaponry.  Oh, and the American flag is burning in the fireplace…
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Bailouts and Buyouts

- images.jpegOnly history will tell the truth of this, but Summer 2008 feels like a watershed moment in U.S. economic history.   This morning’s headlines blare the news, long-rumored, that a Belgian company is buying America’s largest brewery — Anheuser-Busch, maker of…
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Adirondack Chronicles, Part XVI

- cascade-lake-fishing-small.jpg Another species I love to observe in their Adirondack habitat…. the humans!  Those of us who flee to these great north woods in the summer probably all agree on one thing: we like it cool, green and preferably on the…
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Adirondack Chronicles, Part XV

- bee-2-small.jpg On a muggy day threatening thunderstorms across the lake, my thoughts turn to the birds and the bees.  No, not that, for goodness sakes!  !   I’m thinking of the winged creatures with feathers and stingers, beaks and big bug eyes.…
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Adirondack Chronicles, Part XIV

- group-1-small.jpg One of my favorite Adirondack traditions — right up there with paddling around Long Lake! — is the annual Trinity alumnae luncheon at the Lake George Club.  Thanks to our wonderful hostess Barbara Rourke, and organizer extraordinaire Ginger Ryan (who…
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