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Surviving the Sandbagged Summer



Sophomore Sydney Cross has witnessed the devastating floods in the midwest first-hand from her family home in Missouri.  She shared these photographs and brief comments in a recent email message:

I thought I would leave you with these pictures of the Flood of 2008 as my home state of Missouri has been ravaged by water the past week 1/2.  My Family and I are ok as our house sits on top of the Missouri River bluff about 5 miles from the Missouri River.  However, we did have a levee break in some farm land about 10 miles from my house which widened the river from its usual one mile across to about 6 miles across.”



“To us Midwesterners this is summer.  Every summer we know we will have to rebuild from something whether its a flood, severe thunderstorm damage, or a tornado. We will sandbag to save our towns and install tornado sirens to save our lives.  When those fail we pick up ourselves and rebuild stronger houses to protect aganist the wind, stronger and higher levees to hold back the water, and seek higher ground to build our houses on. Life in the plains states does not come without it challenges and battles with mother nature but, every summer we prepare for the unexpected knowing that we are only one storm system away from disaster”

We all hope that Sydney and her family continue to be well, and we pray for all of the people whose homes, farms and livelihoods have been devastated by the floods.

Sydney also writes with the good news that she has a very full summer, including campaigning for a candidate for governor of Missouri, and then she’ll head off to the Democratic National Convention in August!  Like a True Trinity Woman, even in the face of many challenges, Sydney is making her mark through active political engagement with the most important issues of our times.  Thanks for writing, Sydney, and send us more messages and photos from your travels!

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