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Thanking Families and Friends



On graduation day, with several thousand friends and family members spread across the front lawn of Trinity, we cannot help but pause to give thanks to all of those wonderful individuals who: …listened to your rant about one class or another… took the kids to the movies while you went to the library to finish a paper… shared pizza with you at midnight while studying for your Philosophy exam… took you out to dinner after your last Saturday class…


…coached you through Statistics… let you hog the computer to finish your Business paper… proofread your English papers and caught all those it’s that needed to be its and cleared up that who/whom issue… lent you a flash drive to run to Kinko’s when you were having a printout crisis… helped you to clear-up the balance on your account so that you could graduate…


…came each night at 10 pm to pick you up after a long day at work and school… told you often that they loved you even when you were crabby while working on that Sociology assignment… never questioned why you were working so hard to earn this degree… paid the bills without complaint, including that $160 Econ book… sent you cookies and real letters from home… stood up and cheered wildly for you on graduation day… will keep your photo in cap and gown on the mantel forever.


Thanks to all of our great families and friends. Our graduates worked hard and are brilliant, of course, but your support made a great difference for all of them!

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