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Across the years, the faces share the same joyous qualities — youth and vigor, mirth, hope, ambition, pride, boundless enthusiasm for friends, fidelity to tradition, faith. On the pages of each Trinilogue, we record the memories and names and faces and idiosyncratic moments in the lives of each class; yet, even as these photographic tomesmarion-58.jpg are the unique records of the lives of each individual’s moment at Trinity, they also tell an unending, unbroken institutional story across many generations.

I’m looking right now at the marvelous booklet that the Class of 1958 has prepared for their 50th Reunion this weekend at Trinity. 50 years! Yet, just yesterday in so many ways…. the Reunion memory book includes many Trinilogue photos, from the stunning tableaux of students posed by Fred Maroon to the carefree snapshots of smoker sings and dorm meetings, taken in the pre-digital age! While the hair and clothing styles may well be different from today’s students, in so many ways the Trinity experiences of 1958 and 2008 are similar. The importance of friendship, the community of honor, the expectations for rigorous academic work, the place of faith and service in a well-rounded life — Trinity’s values infuse all of our lives no matter the class year after our names.


The Class of 1958 has always been a remarkable group of Trinity women. I first met many of this delightful group years ago when I was a student working at Reunions “back in the day.” Later, as part of my work with the Alumnae Association Board, I enjoyed many mini-reunions with this class, in particular, when they gathered at “campus-on-the-cape” as well as in other places.


’58 has been particularly generous to Trinity over time, and this year, in honor of their 50th, the class has given a remarkable gift that will help to sustain our library. Thank you to all members of the Class of ’58!

We are also welcoming several hundred alumnae from other classes this weekend — from the 70th Reunion ladies in the Class of 1938 — hooray for them! — through 1943, 1948, 1953, 1958, 1963, 1968, 1973, 1978, 1983, 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003 and our youngest alums in 2008 who are generously working with the reunion team — thanks!

To all alumnae who are members of reunion classes this year, Happy Reunion! May this weekend be a time of remembrance, rejoicing and renewal for you!

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