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Graduation Day



Outside my office, on the Marble Corridor, excitement is building as nearly 400 students race about with black robes flying, purple and gold hoods starting to appeargrad-2-large.jpg on their shoulders, and cries for “black tassels!” fill the air. Families and friends are already assembled on the front lawn for the ceremony that will begin 90 minutes from now… and we are all praying that those storm clouds keep moving!


Graduation Day: a pageant repeated tens of thousands of times each year, yet it never seems old. For those who are marking the achievement of their degrees, the day is as new and fresh as the morning sun, and as important a day as they’ve had for many years, perhaps forever.

At last evening’s beautiful Baccalaureate Mass, Father Tom Ryan eloquently reminded the Class of 2008 that they have received not only an education at Trinity, but truly, a “Trinity Education” that incorporates the deepest values of our mission. The wonderful coincidence of our graduation with the great Catholic feast day of Trinity Sunday provided an occasion for our students, faculty and families to reflect on the deeper meaning of our life together in this learning enterprise.

Time to get robed, to go out and do the only thing a president really does — preside. The hard work is done by all others. Today, I give my thanks and gratitude to them — the devotion of our faculty, the hard work of our staff (many of whom have been here since 4 am to setup the commencement chairs), the generosity and loyalty of our alumnae. All comes together on this day when we bless and bestow and send forth a new class of Trinity graduates.

Thanks to all colleagues, and congratulations to the grads!

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