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Remembrance, Renewal, Reunion

- dancing-58.jpg Across the years, the faces share the same joyous qualities — youth and vigor, mirth, hope, ambition, pride, boundless enthusiasm for friends, fidelity to tradition, faith. On the pages of each Trinilogue, we record the memories and names and faces…
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Saluting Lieutenant Wesche

- ashleigh-portrait-2-large.jpg On May 14, 2008, Ashleigh Wesche ’08 received her commission and bars as a lieutenant in the United States Air Force. I was delighted to witness the commissioning ceremony along with Lieutenant Wesche’s family and friends, and numerous Trinity faculty…
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Thanking Families and Friends

- grad-10-large.jpg On graduation day, with several thousand friends and family members spread across the front lawn of Trinity, we cannot help but pause to give thanks to all of those wonderful individuals who: …listened to your rant about one class or…
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Graduation Day

- grad-3-large.jpg Outside my office, on the Marble Corridor, excitement is building as nearly 400 students race about with black robes flying, purple and gold hoods starting to appeargrad-2-large.jpg on their shoulders, and cries for “black tassels!” fill the air. Families and…
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Prelude to Pomp and Circumstance

- senior-class-group_funny-large.jpgcap01.gif Are you ready? Looks like the Red Class of 2008 (above) is already rockin’!…
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$124….and counting…..

- oil-well-gusher1.gif $124. That’s the price of a barrel of oil today.…
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Triumphant Democracy

- Many people — pundits, politicians, people who like to prophesize — have declared that the protracted Democratic primary season is a potential disaster. Calls for Hillary Clinton to quit the race bounce around the blogosphere as pollsters eagerly quiz Barack…
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The (Red) Shoes of the Fisherman

- pope-shoes.jpg It’s been two weeks already since Pope Benedict’s visit, so some postgame analysis now seems in order. Starting with the red shoes. Did you see them? I got a close look during his meeting with the college presidents, see…
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