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Stepping To Success



What can cause several thousand Washington area residents to spend the better part of a sunny Saturday afternoon indoors for an event that often brings them to their feetstep-2-medium.jpg cheering and stomping and having a rip-roaring good time? No, it doesn’t involve the Redskins, the Terps, the Hoyas or anything remotely related to NASCAR.

Answer: Girl Scout Step Show! At the Trinity Center!

For several years, Trinity has hosted this annual event that fills the Trinity Center with nearly 2,000 girls and their parents, siblings and friends as troops line-up their step teams to show their struts and compete for valuable prizes (T-shirts and glory).


The show last Saturday started with a marvelous reprise performance by Femi, an African Dance performer and teacher who introduced the day’s theme with drums and the story of the origination of step dance in Africa. A Step Afrika troupe got the audience onafrican-dance-medium.jpg their feet pounding the bleachers to the rhythm.

But the real show-stealers were the girls, the brownies and teen scouts who brought their own unique styles and rhythms and costumes to the serious business of putting on a step show for several thousand guests.

In a city where children and young people suffer so much pain every day, where the headlines at night too often bring news of yet one more tragedy involving our youth, the sight of so many girls and their families enjoying this amazing afternoon of fun, talent and Girl Scout good health was a delight.step-10-medium.jpg

“Where Girls Grow Strong” is a slogan of the Girl Scouts, and I’ve been involved in enough activities with the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital to know the proof of that statement. Girls who are involved with the scouts grow more self-confident and courageous with each passing year; they become eager to share their talents and brilliance, and unafraid of being different in a peer-obsessed culture that too-often diminishes the achievements and potential of girls. The step show was juststep-afrika-medium.jpg one more example of the ways in which Girl Scouts teach girls how to do their best while working on teams, cooperating with each other, and performing in front of large audiences of caring adults.

Trinity is proud of our partnership with the Girl Scouts of the Nation’s Capital. Through our Girl Scout Scholarship Program we have enrolled some of the most talented women here at Trinity. Our partnership is a natural alignment of the mission of both organizations devoted to ensuring the lifelong health and success of girls, women and their families.

Congratulations to all of the Step Show Scouts! And, many thanks to Becky Vuksta and our own talented troupe at the Trinity Center for coordinating all of the work behind the great success of the show!


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