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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Faculty Salute: Dr. Sharon Shafer

- sharon-2-small.jpgOn Wednesday, March 26, many students, faculty, staff, alumnae and friends — andsharon-small.jpg numerous faculty emeritae as well — gathered in O’Connor Auditorium to celebrate with and offer congratulations to Dr. Sharon Shafer on the occasion of her “Farewell Concert”…
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Student Achievements: Brigid Otieno

- As we head into the final weeks of the academic year, we begin to tally all of the many achievements of Trinity students. I will feature student achievements on this blog throughout the months of April and May, so if…
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Voices of Trinity: Barras on Obama

- Trinity Alumna Jonetta Rose Barras had the lead article in thejonetta.jpg Washington Post Outlook section on Sunday. “He’s Preaching to a Choir I’ve Left” is her take on Barack Obama’s speech, Pastor Jeremiah Wright, and the incendiary issues of race…
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Voices of Trinity: Race Matters

- Trinity’s Annual Fund Director Paige Murphy wrote this remarkable commentary on Barack Obama’s speech on race and the larger issues he addressed: “The fact that Barack Obama had the courage to deliver this speech during such a pivotal time in…
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Laying Down Their Lives

- Today is the actual 5th anniversary of the start of the Iraq War, a war that is now considerably longer than World War II. fallen-soldier-bw.jpgToday we should pause to remember in a special way the nearly 4,000 American troops who…
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Race Matters: Obama Speech

- Following-up on my earlier blog “Race Matters,” I urge everyone to read the transcript or view the online video of the speech that Barack Obama delivered today in Philadelphia on the issues of race in the presidential campaign and American…
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Endless March Madness

- No, this blog isn’t about basketball. It is about a form of sheer madness that began in March 2003, five years ago. That ugly moment of March Madness began with a bang — “shock and awe” they called it. Shocking…
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Race Matters

- On the website tonight, an article about former vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro’s resignation from Hillary Clinton’s campaign has already garnered 1680 comments, while New York Governor Eliot Spitzer’s resignation after revelations about his involvement with prostitutes has…
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Woman Spurned

- Grief There she is again. That woman of a certain style, graceful hair sweeping around her face with the downcast eyes. That woman standing in sorrow and pain next to the powerful man who juts out his jaw and spits out…
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It's Torture. Period.

- Watching the waning days of a troubled presidency is like being at a movie that you can’t stand to keep watching but you can’t leave the theater, either. In the last week President Bush has said some truly head-scratching things…
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