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Those Fabulous ’60s Trinity Women!


mcauliffe_thumb_thumbnail.jpgThey’ve done it again, those fabulous ’60s Trinity Women! With the announcement that Jane Dammen McAuliffe will become the next president of Bryn Mawr College, the Trinity classes from the 1960’s claim one more triumph in a long list of achievements. Trinity Women educated in that erablack_cathleen.jpg now stand at the pinnacle of so many professions: Cathie Black ’66 in publishing, Nancy Pelosi ’62 in politics, Sharon Brady Raimo ’69 in special education, Caryle Murphy ’68 in journalism, Irene Hannan ’68 in banking, Jurate Kazickas ’64 in writing, Ann Kendrick SND ’66 profile_murphy.jpgin community organizing and justice advocacy, Betty Ewens Quadracci ’61 in publishing, Molly Scanlan Kelly ’61 in prolife advocacy, Peggy O’Briengovernor-sm.jpg ’69 in education. The ’60’s will also claim Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius ’70 since she started then, but, of course, the ’70’s will claim her as their own as well!

kennelly.jpgNaming names is sure to get me in trouble, since so many more alumnae from the 1960’s deserve to be on the list of great achievers — and I can already hear the Trinity alums from the 1950’s exclaiming, “What about Joan Payden ’53 in investing? What about Trinity’s first superstar in Congress Barbara Bailey Kennelly ’58?”raimo_sharon.jpg

Oh, I love it when we start claiming bragging rights among the classes! We could go on and on, comparing each decade of achievement — and challenging the Trinity Women of the 21st Century to dare to surpass these remarkable leaders! (You can, of course, and you pelosi_small.jpgwill!! But study these role models, their success can be your greatest teacher!)

Today, however, the crown is rightfully claimed by the ’60s — and we’re not talking about chronological age, here, though the achievements of women in their 60s also gives fresh energy to the rest of us who are chugging throughobrien.jpg our 50s and 40s! If they can do it, what’s stopping us?

Hooray for Bryn Mawr’s new president, Dr. Jane McAuliffe, and hooray for all of the great women of the classes of the 1960s! Your achievements make Trinity so proud!

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