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Nothing Is Written


In the film Lawrence of Arabia, there’s a scene in which the protagonist T.E. Lawrence wants to go back across a desert to find a man who is lost, but Sherif Ali warns Lawrence that he will surely die — “It is written,” says Ali. Lawrence goes back into the desert anyway and rescues the man, and when he rides triumphantly back into the camp Lawrence fixes a piercing stare on Ali and declares, “Nothing is written.”

This morning the New England Patriots and New York Giants have learned the truth of that statement. Nothing is written. The Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl, the underdogs beating the alpha dogs. New England has not lost a game in more than a year, having won 18 straight this season. New York struggled in some games — heck, even the Redskins beat them late in the season.

But this morning the Giants are the champions, and the Patriots are just another team with a lot of talent who could not win the big one.

Nothing is written.

All of the presidential candidates pinning their hopes on another Super moment — Super Tuesday — should remember the simple wisdom of Lawrence of Arabia. Every game is a new opportunity to win or lose, every election is a new opportunity for voters to declare their real sentiments. The least likely winners are those who are the presumed favorites, those who assume that the crown should be theirs by virtue of their prior records, their hard work, their associations or bank accounts.

Nothing is written.

Americans will have many opportunities this year to write a new chapter in the oldest of stories, the way in which people choose their leaders. In the Super Bowl of politics, this presidential election will not be over until the last vote is counted on November 4. Be sure that your vote is among them!

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