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150x200_b.gifHave you been feeling left out of the fun? Did Super Tuesday leave you with a super desire to have YOUR say in the primary elections? Your time is NOW! Rock the Vote!

Voters in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia finally get their turn to vote in presidential primary elections on Tuesday, February 12. Variously called the “Potomac Primary” or the “Chesapeake Primary,” this latest stop on the presidential campaign tour promises to be as exciting as all of the previous contests.

With a very close race between the two Democratic candidates and three contenders still racing for the Republican nomination, the voters in our region might just make or break some of these campaigns.

What’s that, you say? You’re just one person,why should you care? Oh, for goodness sakes, where were you in 2000 and 2004 when just a few voters made all the difference? YOUR VOTE COUNTS. The presidential primaries thus far have proven one overwhelming point: citizens who vote make all the difference in who our national leaders are. Look at the results: Rudy Giuliani thought he was a sure bet for the Republicans, but he’s out of the race. Hillary Clinton once was considered invincible; now she’s neck-and-neck with Barack Obama, who has galvanized a whole new generation of voters. Mitt Romney was arguably the most powerful candidate in the Republican race, surely the wealthiest, and there was a moment not so long ago when the media declared John McCain’s race moribund. Mike Huckabee wasn’t on any radar screens a few months back. The whole race has changed and morphed and transformed with each primary election, and it all hinges on the power of individual voters expressing their opinions at the ballot box or voting machine.

Whatever our political point of view, every single citizen of age in this nation has a deep responsibility to cast an informed vote. Voting is the most precious right and responsibility of our citizenship in this great nation. You CAN make a difference — but only if you step up to your responsibility.

Tuesday, February 12, Primaries in DC, Maryland, Virginia: don’t miss your opportunity to make a difference for our country. Vote!!

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