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Affairs of the Heart


cuorecuoricini.gifHappy Valentine’s Day! My blog today is for all those who woke up this morning with no thought of getting one of those cute paper hearts from your secret pal, or a dozen red roses from your sweetie, or a special invitation from cupid… You didn’t think about any of that because you’re too busy getting ready for school, studying for mid-terms, preparing to teach, going to work, getting the kids dressed, checking in on your elder parents, planning a committee meeting, writing a paper, worrying about that student who has not shown up for several days, thinking about your next presentation, wondering if you should actually buy that textbook, hoping you’ll have time to stop in at the church service tonight, scheduling that too-long-postponed dentist’s appointment, checking the gas tank, finding that overdue electric bill that you forgot to pay, waking up your roomie to remind her that she really can’t be late for History class today….

Oh, my, who has time for silly valentines when we have so much to do each day?

Stop it. Take time for the valentines, the small thanks and sly winks of gratitude from friends and family for all that you do for them. Each day, in so many ways large and small, the family of Trinity engages quite passionately in affairs of the heart — isn’t that what the gifts of teaching and learning are all about? Nobody can be a successful teacher or student without engaging some level of deep emotion in the process — not just brainpower, which is obvious, but heart-power to want to learn, to want to teach well, to yearn for the thrill of discovery, to push ahead to find the truth. Nobody can be a successful colleague at work here — whether an advisor or coach or cook or guard or housekeeper or accountant or fund raiser or recruiter or dean or administrator — without caring deeply about our students and other colleagues.

I see the affairs of the heart all around us — Trinity thrives today because of the countless acts of kindness, deep caring, selfless gifts of time and talent for others. Our alumnae and benefactors send us valentines every day in the form of their charitable gifts as well as gifts of volunteer service. Trinity’s students, faculty and staff extend their works of charity beyond our campus to neighbors in our community all the time through so many forms of service.

So, go ahead — feel the love on Valentine’s Day! Shamelessly share your affairs of the heart! Be reckless in spreading your gifts of caring and kindness throughout our community. We love you for that!

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