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Lattes Amid the Saguaros

- mickeyds-small.jpgstarbucks-small.jpgI went into the desert to enjoy some peace, quiet and solitude. I quickly discovered I could survive in the bleak landscape without giving up a single latte, Big Mac, cell call or email on my Blackberry. That guy who…
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Voices of Readers: The Gun Debate

- I received two polar opposite comments on my blog about guns and the tragedy at Northern Illinois University. The comments are below. What do you think? Add your voice to this discussion by clicking on the reply icon below or…
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Not Again! Not Again! Yes. Again.

- Once again, with sickening familiarity, college campuses elsewhere are in mourning because of the deranged actions of people with guns.  Last Friday, an apparently depressed student at Louisiana Technical College in Baton Rouge killed herself and two classmates.  Then, yesterday,…
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Affairs of the Heart

- cuorecuoricini.gifHappy Valentine’s Day! My blog today is for all those who woke up this morning with no thought of getting one of those cute paper hearts from your secret pal, or a dozen red roses from your sweetie, or a…
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Those Fabulous ’60s Trinity Women!

- mcauliffe_thumb_thumbnail.jpgThey’ve done it again, those fabulous ’60s Trinity Women! With the announcement that Jane Dammen McAuliffe will become the next president of Bryn Mawr College, the Trinity classes from the 1960’s claim one more triumph in a long list…
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Coming to Polls Near You!

- 150x200_b.gifHave you been feeling left out of the fun? Did Super Tuesday leave you with a super desire to have YOUR say in the primary elections? Your time is NOW! Rock the Vote! Voters in the District of Columbia,…
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Nothing Is Written

- In the film Lawrence of Arabia, there’s a scene in which the protagonist T.E. Lawrence wants to go back across a desert to find a man who is lost, but Sherif Ali warns Lawrence that he will surely die —…
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