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Voices of Trinity: Election Fever


Following the State of the Union address the other night, I received several great comments from students and alumnae.

Ally Portee, president of College Republicans, who has campaigned for Mitt Romney in several states, offered this comment:

“Even though I was not in the chamber, I along with two Trinity students were on Capitol Hill on Monday night. We attended the State of the Union Party hosted by US Congressman Joe Wilson… We also had the opportunity to meet other members of the House. After the party we were able to view the State of the Union at the Capitol Hill Club across from the Capitol. It was an honor to be able to see you, President McGuire on Fox News along with Speaker Pelosi. It was quite inspiring to see products of Trinity in the House chamber. The State of the Union is a powerful tool for the president to be able to lay out his plan for the coming year. President Bush spoke on issues that deeply concern me like the upcoming stimulus package, taxes, and the war. I was reminded when all members would stand and applaud that we are all Americans, and that we all need to work together for the welfare and safety of this great nation!”

Alumnae from all over the country wrote to say how proud they were to see Trinity Women in prominent positions all evening. One recent graduate wrote from Hawaii to say that she has become deputy field director of the campaign office for Barack Obama, having served as the state coordinator of Students for Obama. A graduate of our School of Education wrote to our Alumnae Office, “Congratulations to Trinity for molding women of such impressive stature. Observing the work of Speaker Pelosi and Governor Sebelius makes me proud of my second alma mater.”

Dr. Saundra Oyewole echoed this sentiment in response to my blog commentary on the State of the Union: “It was, indeed, a very proud moment for Trinity.”

Indeed! On Tuesday morning, I happened to be at a business meeting downtown and the comments and compliments from business leaders about Speaker Pelosi and Governor Sebelius were numerous. Not all are in agreement with their politics, but to a person my colleagues “out there” recognize the importance of their leadership and what this means for Trinity.

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