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Trinity Women and Political Engagement


Political engagement has long been a hallmark of Trinity Women — and the current generation of Trinity students continues this tradition in a remarkable range of endeavors. Just last week a group of students from Trinity’s College Republicans went to the Hill to visit with Senator Elizabeth Dole (R-NC) (top photo, from left: Allyson Portee, Allison Dobbs, Lauren Romero, Senator Dole, Marie Smith, Melissa Borofsky) and Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) (bottom photo, from left: Allyson Portee, Allison Dobbs, Senator Murkowski, Lauren Romero, Melissa Borofsky, Marie Smith). The students and Senators talked about women in political leadership and how important it is for today’s college women to think about their future leadership roles in society.

Trinity students today engage with a broad variety of political issues across an equally wide spectrum of political viewpoints. The Green Leaders Association led by Chrissy Palmer has undertaken the considerable task of educating the campus community about environmentally sensitive practices. The Student Anti-Genocide Coalition focuses on raising awareness about the crisis in Darfur. LACASA and BSA have been active with various community service projects. Many students have participated in demonstrations for peace, for justice in the Jena 6 cases, for immigration reform.

With the critical presidential election looming in 2008, I am quite sure that we can count on the College Republicans, College Democrats, third party advocates and independents on campus to keep all of the issues vibrant within the larger campus community. By modeling the best forms of political engagement among Trinity students, these women follow in the footsteps of Trinity’s well known public political and civic leaders.

And, who knows, maybe someday we’ll cheering wildly during the swearing-in ceremonies for Allyson or Allison or Lauren or Marie or Melissa or Chrissy or Tega or Ana or any one of dozens of today’s most engaged Trinity students who offer great promise as tomorrow’s public leaders. I urge all students to uphold Trinity’s grandest traditions of leadership and civic engagement through getting involved in the program, party or issue of your choice. And, by the way, register to vote!

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