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Slots for Students?

- Been to Vegas just once, still get a headache when I remember walking through the vast blinking/clinking/hyper acreage of the gaming floors at Bellagio and Caesar’s palace. I have no idea what those people were doing at the green-covered tables…
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Wildfires in California

- The scenes from the southern California hillsides are apocalyptic — wildfires devouring thousands of acres of brush, forests, homes and communities. Whipped by the Santa Ana winds, sometimes with hurricane force, the flames defy any effort at human control. My…
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Peace Prize, Environmental Epiphany

- We can only hope that this year’s award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Al Gore and the United Nations Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change will have the effect of sparking an epiphany moment among the countless policymakers and business…
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Congo Women's Crisis

- The story is almost impossible to read, yet utterly compelling and urgent. In Sunday’s New York Times (October 7), the front page carried a horrific, unfathomable report of the systematic, brutal and protracted campaign of devastating sexual assaults on women…
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Marion Jones, Olympian Tragedy

- Say, “Sports scandal” and most of us probably think of men behaving badly. Well, think again. In our new era of women’s sports equality (sort of), we now have a tragic morality tale of how a great female athlete can…
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Sputnik @ 50

- Can’t believe it. Sputnik is 50. What’s “Sputnik?” you ask? No, it’s not a new boy band, survivor show, or wireless gadget…. well, maybe it has characteristics of the latter. Sputnik, for those under a certain age (like 40),…
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Justice Thomas v. Professor Hill

- One of the most bizarre episodes in American jurisprudence occurred in 1991 when then-nominee to the Supreme Court Clarence Thomas appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee. His former staff subordinate, a young lawyer named Anita Hill, accused him of sexual…
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Millions of Children Left Behind

- This nation has already spent almost $600 BILLION (yes, that’s with a B) on the War in Iraq, and economists forecast that the cost of the war could soon exceed $1 TRILLION. Yet, President Bush says he will veto legislation
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