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"Freedom for the Thought that We Hate"

- Last week, Columbia University touched off a firestorm not only in New York but around the world when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave a speech on campus. Many people expressed anger and even horror that a civilized, intellectual institution of…
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Voices of Trinity: Faculty, Alumnae

- I have continued to receive comments on last week’s Jena Six dialogue. Below are two particularly insightful comments from a faculty member and an alumna: From Dr. Sharon Shafer of the Music Program: “Although I do not usually reply or…
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50 Years Later: The Legacy of Little Rock

- Monday, September 24 marks the 50th Anniversary of the day when nine African American students integrated Little Rock Central High School escorted by armed National Guard troops. This dramatic episode in the civil rights movement occurred three years after the…
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Voices of Trinity: Jena Six, Part IV

- One of the most important dimensions of this week’s discussion of the Jena Six is the opportunity this case presents to have a direct, open, honest discussion of race, justice and the ongoing quest for civil rights in the United…
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Voices of Trinity: Jena Six, Part III

- On Thursday, September 20, some Trinity students will be heading to the U.S. Capitol at 7 am to join a march in solidarity with the Jena 6; others will be wearing black. Many comments continue to cross my desk about…
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Voices of Trinity: Jena Six, Part II

- Continuing this week’s commentary on Constitution Day and the Case of the Jena Six, below are additional comments from Trinity students and others in the Trinity community… From Tiffani N. Martin: “The Constitution Day question for discussion: did the defendants…
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Voices of Trinity: Jena Six, Part I

- Quite a few students replied to my Constitution Day question: did the defendants known as the Jena 6 receive the Due Process and Equal Protection of the Laws guaranteed to all citizens by the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of…
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Jena Justice, American Shame, Constitution Day

- Most Americans probably know a whole lot more about Britney Spears’ belly than the travesty of justice that’s been going on in Jena, Louisiana. Mainstream media know that there’s big bucks in touting scenes of celebrity shame but little commercial…
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Ending "Taxation Without Representation"

- If your car has D.C. license plates, you know about “Taxation Without Representation.” More than the current slogan on those plates, the phrase that’s as old as the Boston Tea Party (1773) is a shameful fact of life for citizens…
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Trinity Remembers

- Thanks to the leadership of Allyson Portee and students in the College Republicans, and with the support of Associate Dean Barbara Humphrey McCrabb and Campus Ministry, a group of nearly 50 members of the Trinity community gathered on the front…
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