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Adirondack Chronicles, Part IX


Blue heron hide out in the marshes up here, and their favorite activity (when not avoiding photographers) seems to be fishing. The heron in the top photo above was very annoyed that someone was watching this exhibition, but the urge to eat was obviously far stronger than the instinct to fly away.

Osprey also hang out in the wilderness, though those in the pictures above were actually in a nest high on an electrical tower. They were guarding their new chick… and when they sensed an observer in the distance, Mama Osprey rose up to show her fierce wings… and then settled down again while Dad flew up and perched on a higher post to keep an eye on me.

Osprey and heron seem to adapt to civilization more easily than some other wildlife, like the loons. I’ve seen many on the waterways around Washington, too — but the loons keep themselves pretty well hidden in the back country. Except those who are showing off their little babies, of course!

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