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Plunging Political Pundits

- Guess what? Hillary has cleavage. Wow. Who knew? Washington Post Fashion Critic Robin Givhan exposed this amazing fact after Senator Clinton appeared on C-Span giving a speech on the Senate floor while wearing a v-neck top that went slightly lower…
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Perverse "Role Models"

- On the radio this morning I heard a commentary about how to talk to your children about Michael Vick, because this “role model” NFL quarterback has been indicted for running a brutal and illegal dogfighting operation. I found myself wondering…
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Adirondack Chronicles, Part X

- Leaving the Adirondacks… never easy, save for the happy anticipation of seeing friends, colleagues and students again! There are only so many good stories I can invent while watching loons! But on my last full day here, I floated down…
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Adirondack Chronicles, Part IX

- Blue heron hide out in the marshes up here, and their favorite activity (when not avoiding photographers) seems to be fishing. The heron in the top photo above was very annoyed that someone was watching this exhibition, but the urge…
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Adirondack Chronicles, Part VIII

- Loons are the most iconic of all Adirondack creatures, even more than black bears. Regal, mysterious, smart and prickly, loons are most well known for their haunting calls and elusive behavior. You can hear some of the calls by clicking…
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Adirondack Chronicles, Part VII

- Paddling around Lake Harris, part of the headwaters of the Hudson River (see the small stream that becomes the mighty Hudson above top, and a sign along the way pointing to Mt. Marcy just about 10 miles away and NY…
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Adriondack Chronicles, Part VI

- Chicks are in season in the Adirondacks…. no, not tall blond babes, though some of these are sorta yellowish and all are babies. The fashionable chicks of the forest are short and fuzzy and waddle around on webbed feet or…
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Adirondack Chronicles, Part V

- Yes, they’re back…. Adirondack Chronicles! All new tales from the north woods…. This one is Part V because I ended with Part IV last July… Arriving late last Friday evening, the first thing I noticed about the Adirondacks this year…
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