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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Wiki-Ethics II — Debate!!

- I received a reply to my last blog on “Wiki-Ethics” from Jason Johnson, the author of the “Cut and Paste is a Skill, Too” Washington Post article to which I objected strongly. I still disagree with him, but his explanation…
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- Just because something appears on a computer screen doesn’t mean it’s true. Well, sure, who can disagree with that? But from my earliest introduction to the Internet — years ago when the real inventor of Trinity’s first email system, Jim…
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Amazing Grace

- I’ve been thinking all day about Elizabeth Edwards. She’s the wife of former Senator John Edwards, a candidate for president of the United States. At the end of his last election run — as John Kerry’s vice presidential candidate…
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Girl Scouts: Courage, Confidence, Character

- 95 years ago this month in Savannah, Juliette Gordon Low gathered 18 girls to form the very first troop of Girl Scouts. Today, nearly 4 million girls are the beneficiaries of her great initiative. Girl Scouts is the largest organization…
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Jamais La Guerre!

- On this unhappy 4th anniversary of “Shock and Awe,” the beginning of the War in Iraq, I am reminded of the passionate speech that Pope Paul VI made at the United Nations in 1965 — “Jamais la guerre!” he…
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Who Will Police the Police?

- Plato first posed the question in describing his notion of The Republic: who will ensure that those responsible for security do not abuse their power? Who will police the police? The question survives across the millennia, evidence of the corrupting…
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Sheer Madness

- Yesterday, Friday, March 9 may well go down as a very bleak day in D.C. history. Yesterday, two judges made a decision that has the potential to expose thousands of local lives to grave danger. Those two judges — Laurence…
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- Haven’t we seen this movie before? Something bad happens involving agents of the Administration in power. High ranking staffers then try to cover up the malfeasance, adding to the problem by lying under oath, which is perjury. A special prosecutor…
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