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Monthly Archives: February 2007

Meltdown and Rebound

- Faster than Britney Spears could shave her head, the stock market had its own weird meltdown on Tuesday, plunging hundreds of points in a few minutes because of a computer problem after sagging all day on news of a crackdown…
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Women Winning at Wimbledon

- “Wimbledon to Pay Men and Women Equally” was the link on that caught my eye this morning. What’s this? A throwback story from the 1970 archives? An interesting precursor to Women’s History Month? A quaint reminder that there once…
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Who Will Teach the Children?

- Samantha Cleaver felt called to teach children with disabilities. She joined the D.C. Teaching Fellows program, and enrolled in Trinity’s School of Education to earn her certification. But after a tumultuous year and a half inside the D.C. Public Schools,…
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Women's College Alums Rule!

- A woman at the helm at Harvard! A distant dream not so long ago, when the last Harvard President (Larry Summers) was questioning the ability of women to succeed in the sciences, this weekend the Harvard Corporation (their version of…
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The Parent Factor

- On the opening day of school each year, we gather the new students and their families at the Trinity Center for some words of welcome and orientation. Invariably, at some point during the festivities, I am struck by the presence…
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Hobson's Choice

- Having spent my elementary and secondary school years under the watchful gazes of the Sisters of Mercy in Philadelphia Catholic schools, it wasn’t until I was 22 years old and in law school that I ever dared to set foot…
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Reality Months

- Perhaps we should change the designation of February and March from “History” Months (as in Black History Month and Women’s History Month respectively) to “Reality” Months. In that vein we can and should use these occasions to focus on the…
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Eulogy for Father Drinan

- Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi delivered the eulogy for Father Drinan at his funeral Mass today. Following is the text released by her office: “When St. Francis of Assisi was asked what a person had to do to…
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