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Equal Time, Part Two

- As indicated in my previous blog, we have received critical comments about Trinity’s association with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Class of 1962. In the interest of open discussion of these important issues, I am presenting samples of the…
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Equal Time, Part One

- Not everyone is happy that Trinity takes pride in the historic achievement of Trinity Alumna Nancy Pelosi, Class of 1962, the first woman ever to be the Speaker of the House of the United States. During the last few weeks,…
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Madam Speaker: Making History and Progress

- Today, a Trinity Woman made history. Shortly after noon, Nancy Pelosi, Class of 1962, took the oath of office as Speaker of the House of the Congress of the United States. She is now the highest ranking elected woman in…
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Resolved: Balance Justice, Achieve Peace

- To clear my head of the ugly lingering images of 2006 — a hangman’s noose, faces of 3,000 American soldiers dead, the detritus of war and violence on every screen — I decided to start the new year with a…
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