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Equal Time, Part Two


As indicated in my previous blog, we have received critical comments about Trinity’s association with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Class of 1962. In the interest of open discussion of these important issues, I am presenting samples of the critical comments without additional reply right now. Later in the week I will have further reflections on this discussion.

I received this letter from Judie Brown of the American Life League:

“We know that you are aware of the recent announcement from Congresswoman Pelosi’s office that she will be ‘using’ a Catholic Mass at Trinity to showcase her new image as ‘Roman Catholic mother and grandmother’ as she prepares to be sworn in as Speaker of the House in January. We are sure that you are aware of Congresswoman Pelosi’s unqualified support for abortion on demand. Therefore, we see no reason why a pro-abortion Catholic alumnus of Trinity should receive accolates when she is defying Catholic teaching because of her support for aborting preborn children. Ms. McGuire, Congresswoman Pelosi is exploiting the Mass as part of her personal agenda and we respectfuly ask that you cancel the January 3 event.” (Judie Brown)

The American Life League also issued several press releases on this topic.

Various bloggers have also commented, such as the Lighthouse Blog, Vivificat, and Deal Hudson, among others.

Other email messages:

“Although there is probably some amount of pride in having Nancy Pelosi, a graduate of your prestigious university, named the “Speaker” of the U.S. House of representatives, surely there has to be some disappointment on her agressive stance in fostering and perpetuating abortion, including Partial Birth Abortion, which Daniel Patrick Moynihan so aptly described as “infanticide”. (Joseph)

“I don’t know much about Trinity as a school and am more than a little curious as to how Catholic the school is from reading your website. While the church is liberal and your school certainly appears to be very liberal, the teaching about abortion is clear to all. So, I am wondering why you celebrate a person such as Nancy Pelosi when her view on abortion, partial birth abortion at that, is known world wide. She is the first woman Speaker of the House but how sad that she couldn’t be more representative of Catholic values. I guess you didn’t teach her that. The hypocrisy is stunning and embarrassing for traditional Catholics. I am curious as to how the school looks at this whole charade and wonder whether her planners acted without permission or if the school is in full compliance with her hypocisy. Would someone respond?” (Pat K.)

“Nancy and I are both alumnae of Trinity, an institution which was when I attended, a respected Catholic college where women were prepared for life and for on-going learning, not only in academic subjects, but also with a solid grounding in the teachings of the Church. Ms. Pelosi has taken a decidedly anti-Catholic stand on many moral issues of the preset day (late term abortion, same sex “marriage,” and embryonic stem-cell research, to name a few). As one of many alumnae who treasure and appreciate the lessons learned at Trinity, I cannot share your pride in one whose rise to political power has been based so largely upon her rejection of much of her Trinity education. I am ashamed of her, and of Trinity for honoring her.” (Margaret)

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