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Drinan on Women's Rights

- Father Drinan’s last column in the National Catholic Reporter was a plea for the United States to resolve a longstanding national shame. Of 192 members of the United Nations, 185 have ratified the U.N. Convention on the Elimination of All
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Father Drinan

- Click here for Information on Services for Father Drinan and Condolence Messages He was just here. Now he’s gone. We didn’t even have a minute to say goodbye. Reverend Robert Drinan, S.J., passed away tonight at after a brief illness.…
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State of the Union: Balance of Power

- Somewhere in the middle of President Bush’s State of the Union address last evening, I found myself looking around the room and marveling at the elasticity of our democracy through power shifts between the major parties and among major political…
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In to Win

- No…. this is not about Hillary. But on the same day that Senator Clinton made her “I’m in to Win” presidential campaign announcement, two individuals made history by being “In to Win” in a professional field not wholly unlike the…
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Revisiting Roe

- For the longest time she was known only as Jane Roe, a legal pseudonym for a plaintiff whose identity was hidden because of the nature of her case — a young pregnant woman in Texas seeking to overturn the state’s…
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- Left image source Right image source Just when we think we’ve made a little progress in gender stereotyping…. today’s New York Times hits the trifecta of really stupendous, amazing, retro stereotypes! All on the same day! What’s the deal with…
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Sundown Towns and Dr. King's Legacy

- Photo from the website About: African American History Greenbelt. Mt. Rainier. Brentwood. Chevy Chase. Once they were “Sundown Towns” in the bitter racial history of the last century according to Dr. James Loewen who wrote a book by the same…
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Truly, Alma Mater

- Alma Mater (“sweet mother”) is a Latin phrase we use as a name for the schools we attend. Many graduates (known also in Latin as alumnae and alumni) feel a certain reverence for their schools because these are the places…
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Faithful Citizenship

- Continuing this week’s reflection on the issues involving Catholic teachings and political citizenship (see my three previous blogs), I am referring readers to some important source documents. Learning about Catholic teachings and the many commentaries on these issues is a…
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American Citizenship

- One minute they were Cubans and Tunisians and Ethiopians and Turks and Iranians and Bosnians and Haitians and Egyptians and Kenyans and Salvadoreans and Canadians. The next minute they were Americans. In a moving ceremony before Judge Paul Friedman at…
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