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First Woman Speaker


To understand the historic weight of Nancy Pelosi’s achievement, look at the list of Speakers of the House, below, from the first Congress in 1798 to today’s 109th Congress. A total of 51 men have held the Speaker’s position over these two centuries. In January, 2007, a woman’s name will appear for the first time on this list — and that name will be a Trinity Alumna, Nancy Pelosi, Class of 1962!

Congress Speaker
1st Frederick A.C. Muhlenberg
2nd Jonathan Trumbull
3rd Frederick A.C. Muhlenberg
4th Jonathan Dayton
5th Jonathan Dayton
6th Theodore Sedgwick
7th Nathaniel Macon
8th Nathaniel Macon
9th Nathaniel Macon
10th Joseph B. Varnum
11th Joseph B. Varnum
12th Henry Clay
13th Henry Clay
13th Langdon Cheves
14th Henry Clay
15th Henry Clay
16th Henry Clay
16th John W. Taylor
17th Philip P. Barbour
18th Henry Clay
19th John W. Taylor
20th Andrew Stevenson
21st Andrew Stevenson
22nd Andrew Stevenson
23rd John Bell
24th James K. Polk
25th James K. Polk
26th Robert M.T. Hunter
27th John White
28th John W. Jones
29th John W. Davis
30th Robert C. Winthrop
31st Howell Cobb
32nd Linn Boyd
33rd Linn Boyd
34th Nathaniel P. Banks
35th James L. Orr
36th William Pennington
37th Galusha A. Grow
38th Schuyler Colfax
39th Schuyler Colfax
40th Schuyler Colfax
40th Theodore M. Pomeroy
41st James G. Blaine
42nd James G. Blaine
43rd James G. Blaine
44th Michael C. Kerr
44th Samuel J. Randall
45th Samuel J. Randall
46th Samuel J. Randal
47th J. Warren Keifer
48th John G. Carlisle
49th John G. Carlisle
50th John G. Carlisle
51st Thomas B. Reed
52nd Charles F. Crisp
53rd Charles F. Crisp
54th Thomas B. Reed
55th Thomas B. Reed
56th David B. Henderson
57th David B. Henderson
58th Joseph G. Cannon
59th Joseph G. Cannon
60th Joseph G. Cannon
61st Joseph G. Cannon
62nd James Beauchamp Clark
63rd James Beauchamp Clark
64th James Beauchamp Clark
65th James Beauchamp Clark
66th Frederick H. Gillett
67th Frederick H. Gillett
68th Frederick H. Gillett
69th Nicholas Longworth
70th Nicholas Longworth
71st Nicholas Longworth
72nd John N. Garner
73rd Henry T. Rainey
74th Joseph W. Byrns
74th William B. Bankhead
75th William B. Bankhead
76th William B. Bankhead
76th Sam Rayburn
77th Sam Rayburn
78th Sam Rayburn
79th Sam Rayburn
80th Joseph W. Martin, Jr.
81st Sam Rayburn
82nd Sam Rayburn
83rd Joseph W. Martin, Jr.
84th Sam Rayburn
85th Sam Rayburn
86th Sam Rayburn
87th Sam Rayburn
87th John W. McCormack
88th John W. McCormack
89th John W. McCormack
90th John W. McCormack
91st John W. McCormack
92nd Carl B. Albert
93rd Carl B. Albert
94th Carl B. Albert
95th Thomas P. O’Neill, Jr.
96th Thomas P. O’Neill, Jr.
97th Thomas P. O’Neill, Jr.
98th Thomas P. O’Neill, Jr.
99th Thomas P. O’Neill, Jr.
100th James C. Wright, Jr.
101st James C. Wright, Jr.
101st Thomas S. Foley
102nd Thomas S. Foley
103rd Thomas S. Foley
104th Newt Gingrich
105th Newt Gingrich
106th J. Dennis Hastert
107th J. Dennis Hastert
108th J. Dennis Hastert
109th J. Dennis Hastert

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