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"What Women Really Want"


Seeing a Trinity Woman on TV is great. Seeing two Trinity Women on the “Today” show is heaven — especially when their opposing points of view illustrate the considerable intellectual and political range among Trinity graduates. So I was in heaven this morning when Kellyanne Conway ’89 appeared on a segment of “Today” along with Celinda Lake, her co-author on the recently-released What Women Really Want. Today Host Lester Holt asked Kellyanne (a well known Republican commentator) about the upcoming election, and specifically about Democratic House Leader (and Trinity Alumna) Nancy Pelosi ’62, who might become Speaker of the House if the Democrats win a majority of member of the House of Representatives. As Kellyanne replied with her customary incisive opinions on the Democrats, NBC showed clips of Nancy Pelosi in various settings, and then cut back to Kellyanne — the very sight of these two Trinity alumnae actively engaged in critical national affairs made me so proud!

Since I posted this blog earlier today, I also discovered another Trinity alumna who feels the same way I do. I’m not sure who she is, but read Ardara75’s comments on how energized she was by seeing Nancy and Kellyanne this morning.

Kellyanne Conway disagrees vigorously with most of the positions that Democratic Leader Pelosi espouses, and the sharp distinction between them is a good example of the range of opinions and public causes that motivate Trinity alumnae. A Phi Beta Kappa Political Science major (magna cum laude!) at Trinity, Kellyanne’s considerable talent led her to found thepollingcompany in 1995. She conducts a wide variety of research for political candidates (most often Republicans), various corporations, and more recently, on women’s issues. Kellyanne is also a lawyer admitted to practice in four states after earning her J.D. with honors at George Washington University Law School. You can also read blog commentary by Kellyanne and her husband George on the National Review website.

Kellyanne is often at her best when engaging opposing points of view; I first met her when we were on opposing sides of a debate on affirmative action and women. We had a great time exchanging views. Her co-author Celinda Lake is a highly regarded Democratic strategist, and the two of them have written a powerful work on the current status of women and politics. As of this writing, the NBC clip of this morning’s interview was not yet posted, but Kellyanne and Celinda also appeared on “Today” earlier this month to discuss their book. (Click on the link to see the excerpt.)

All over the country, Trinity Women are actively engaged in political efforts to improve the conditions of life for their children and families, communities and the nation. They are Democrats and Republicans and Independents, and I’m sure some Green Party and other parties along the way. They range from very liberal to very conservative, with most I’ve known eschewing easy labels in favor of commitment to those causes that will make our society more just, more equitable, safer and maybe even saner. Regardless of their political persuasion, however, Trinity Women share this in common with Kellyanne Conway: they are unafraid to speak out, activists in pursuit of their vision for a better society, and eager to engage in the kind of debate that will help all of us achieve a clearer understanding of the political choices we must make in the days ahead.

We must make those choices. The only action that is unacceptable is doing nothing.

Make time to vote on November 7!

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