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Tradition of Honor, Symbol of Commitment


Tonight in Notre Dame Chapel, the new first year students, the Green Class, recited Trinity’s historic Honor Pledge and inscribed their names in Trinity’s great Book of Honor. They received their Trinity Medals as symbols of their commitment to Trinity’s values of honor and justice, faith and service to the world.

A bit of history occurred when students from our first class at THE ARC stepped forward to sign the Honor Book and receive their Trinity Medals. These women (see the photo) are as proud as any Trinity students have ever been to be a part of the Trinity family. Congratulations to them and to all members of the Green Class!

Judicial Association President Eileen Denny charged the new students with the great responsibility to uphold the principle of Honor in all aspects of their lives. Brandy Boulette, president of the Class of 2010, accepted the charge on behalf of her classmates.

I found myself thinking that in today’s world of instant messaging and too much bling, the tradition of Honor, the ceremony of the Trinity Medal, might seem quaint, hopelessly old-fashioned. I suspect that few college students around the country have deeply meaningful opportunities like this to express their sense of belonging to a community of tradition, of deep faith and strong bonds of commitment. But Trinity’s first year students turned out in force, and parents and grandparents and siblings and children joined them to witness this longstanding Trinity ritual. In these days with so many public examples of deception and dissembling, the ideal of Honor strikes a chord of hope among students who are striving to find the way through to a better world. In a world where commitment often seems like a hollow passing fancy, the symbol of the Trinity Medal is eagerly embraced by students longing for the permanence of the values that are integral to Trinity’s mission.

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