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Monthly Archives: October 2006

Hooray for Hubble!

- Today, NASA announced that it will continue to maintain the Hubble Telescope, a remarkable window on far outer space that was only recently relegated to the “endangered species” list of visionary projects abandoned in the post-9/11 world of more…
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"What Women Really Want"

- Seeing a Trinity Woman on TV is great. Seeing two Trinity Women on the “Today” show is heaven — especially when their opposing points of view illustrate the considerable intellectual and political range among Trinity graduates. So I was in…
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Let the Children Learn!

- Some of my feminist friends are going to argue with me vehemently about this. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings just released some new rules for Title IX that permit public schools to offer some single-sex educational opportunities for boys and…
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Voices of Trinity: Lives of Alumnae

- Earlier this week, an unexpected message in my emailbox: “Dear President McGuire, I am an alum from Class of 1983 – and am writing you on the occasion of my 25th anniversary. I met my life partner while attending Trinity……
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Tradition of Honor, Symbol of Commitment

- Tonight in Notre Dame Chapel, the new first year students, the Green Class, recited Trinity’s historic Honor Pledge and inscribed their names in Trinity’s great Book of Honor. They received their Trinity Medals as symbols of their commitment to Trinity’s…
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A President's Tragic Imperative

- My heart goes out to my friend King Jordan this morning. Front Page Headline in the Washington Post: “Gallaudet Students Arrested” with the subhead “President Ordered Halt to 3-Day Demonstration” Ugh. The last thing any college president ever wants to…
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Seige of the Schools

- Before dawn in Nickel Mines today, bulldozers demolished the schoolhouse where a madman’s murder and mayhem brought unfathomable sorrow to the Amish community last week. Earlier this week, schools in Montgomery County, Culpeper County and Arlington endured various alerts as…
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What’s Up With Her Outburst?

- Seems like I hit a nerve with my talk during Cap & Gown Convocation. My remarks asked the rhetorical question, “What’s up with her outburst?” paraphrasing several situations in which women who spoke up got put down with comments…
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Foley's Follies

- I came to Washington when I was 17 because I wanted to get involved in politics. I had heard about the Congressional Page program when I was in high school, and thought it sounded so exciting, but it was not…
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Apocalypse, and Forgiveness, in Paradise

- I drove across the back roads of Paradise today. Returning from a meeting in Philadelphia, I followed a route I often favor to avoid I-95, to savor the country roads. Today those roads seemed different. The brownish-gray fog of a…
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